Now known as Iran, this was the first anthem of the country then known as Persia (the name change was requested in 1935). It, like all anthems in Persia/Iran under the rule of the Shah, glorifies the ruler and was originally composed by French musician Jean Baptiste Lemair. The anthem did not have any lyrics and was used until the reign of Ahmad Shah Qajar, the last Shah of the Qajar dynasty, who became Shah in 1909. (During his reign, and until 1933, the anthem “سلامتی دولت علیهٔ ایران” (“Salāmati-ye Dowlat-e Elliye-ye Irān”) [Salute of Sublime State of Persia], composed by Gholam-Reza Minbashian, was used.)

Long after the Islamic Revolution, which deposed the Shahs, the anthem still remained somewhat popular with the people. In 2005, the leader of the Melal Orchestra of Iran requested of poet Bizhan Taraghghi to write words for the old anthem. The music was also rearranged by Siavah Beizai and was performed for the first time later that year. (The lyrics written were for the re-introduction of the song, and were not the original lyrics of the anthem.)

Special thanks to: Pavel Zinovatny for the music file.