The Liechtenstein anthem, “Oben am jungen Rhein”, shares the same tune as the British “God Save the Queen”, despite there not being any ties to Great Britain in Liechtenstein’s history. This fact might be explained by its close ties to neighbouring Switzerland, who has also used the melody as its anthem in its past (as well as nearby Prussia, and later Germany, at the time). The fact that Liechtenstein shares a well-known tune with another nation has led to a few situations of amateur composers approaching Liechtenstein officials with proposals for a new anthem, convinced that one is needed.

The original lyrics were first written and adopted in 1850, and were changed in 1963; the second, third, and fourth verses were removed, and the remaining lyrics were slightly altered to remove references to Germany (written to denote Liechtenstein’s membership in the German confederacy (Holy Roman Empire)).

Special thanks to: Artakorn Jarusriwanna for providing me with the sheet music.

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