Belarus (1920- (government in exile))


“Vajacki marš” was written shortly after the first independent Belarusian state, the Belarusian Democratic Republic, was taken over in January 1919 by the Bolsheviks as they were establishing a Soviet state in Russia. It was first published in the Minsk newspaper “Belarus” in October, 1919, and has been used ever since by the government-in-exile of the Belarusian Democratic Republic. (Unlike many of their counterparts in other nations who went into exile upon their nations becoming part of the Soviet Union and returned after the Soviet Union’s fall in the early 1990s, the BNR has not returned because they do not regard the current government as democratically elected.)

Currently the anthem is popular among protestors of the current government, and could possibly be reintroduced as the national anthem again if a change in government occurs.

Special thanks to: Ben Cahoon for some of this information, Paweł Ciupak for the music file and Pavel Zinovatny for the Belarusian lyrics (Cyrillic and Latin scripts).