Belarus (1955-1991)


Byelorussia was the last Soviet Republic to adopt an anthem (excluding the Russian SFSR, which never had an official anthem), the lyrics took 11 years to create. Unlike most SSR state anthems, whose original lyrics mentioned Stalin until de-Stalinization, which began in 1956, necessitated a change in lyrics, the lyrics of the Byelorussian anthem (adopted the year after Stalin’s death) remained unchanged, however a version mentioning Stalin was produced before official adoption of the lyrics in 1955.

Like other SSR state anthems, the Byelorussian SSR state anthem has three verses, each followed by a chorus. However the Byelorussian SSR state anthem is unique in that the chorus has one word changed in the last line of the chorus after each verse.

The anthem of the Byelorussian SSR remained in use after the breakup of the USSR, when the new nation became Belarus and eventually adopted different words for the anthem.

Special thanks to: Nina Schneidermann for some of this information.