Bulgaria (royal anthem: 1908-1944)


In 1900, Bulgaria was a principality in the Ottoman Empire but de facto independent since 1878. At this time the chief military prosecutor, Col. Georgi Agura decided to create a new national anthem, however “Shumi Maritsa” proved too popular with the people and it did not get replaced. However, the prince decided to use Agura’s song, with music by Emil Sauer, as the royal anthem and was first used as such in 1908, after full independence was achieved. (The only change to the lyrics was replacing “prince” with “tsar”). In 1925, a new melody was written for it by Emmanuel Manolov. Like other royal anthems, this anthem was only performed in the tsar’s presence and by 1940 was performed on all official ceremonies following the national anthem “Shumi Maritsa”.

Special thanks to: Martin Petrov for the English translation of verse 2.