French Polynesia


A French “overseas country” in the South Pacific, also including Tahiti, “La Marseillaise” is the official anthem of French Polynesia, however, a local anthem was adopted in 1993, and is played every June 29 during the Internal Autonomy Festival, and every time French Polynesia participates in an international conference.

The anthem was chosen from among 17 works during a competition launched by the Council of Ministers on May 17, 1992. The French Polynesia Assembly adopted this composition as the Territory’s official anthem during its June 10, 1993 session. The anthem was composed and written by a group of people, they all agreed to give the Territory all royalties from the anthem.

A bit of a controversy ensued when the anthem was unveiled, the lyrics (and the title) refer to “Tahiti Nui”; while Tahiti is the largest island and is where a majority of the population and the capital are situated, it excludes the other islands and archipelagoes in the territory. There were requests to change the lyrics to “Maohi Nui” instead, which is more representative of Polynesia.