Probably the only language in the world with its own flag and anthem, the word “Esperanto” translates as “hope” or “hoping one” and also provides the title of the anthem of the language. The anthem speaks of the goal of the language, to bind the nations together with a common language in peace.

The words were among the first Esperanto poetry, written by Dr. Zamenhof, the inventor of the Esperanto language, and the melody was especially written by French composer Félicien de Ménil. It was first played at the 1905 Esperanto congress, along with a different tune for Dr. Zamenhof’s poem. A decision was to be made at that congress to decide on one of the tunes as the Esperantist anthem, but it was postponed until a few congresses later, where Ménil’s tune was accepted and now opens Esperanto World Congresses.

Special thanks to: Michel Pilger for some of this information.