Catalonia is a region of Spain; like several other Spanish regions, it has its own language, culture, and anthem.

Els Segadors has been the national anthem of Catalonia since the end of the 19th century. The current lyrics were written in 1899. It uses elements which have their origin in the oral tradition, and which had been previously collected by the writer and philologist Manuel Milà i Fontanals in 1882. The music was composed in 1892, adapting the melody of a previously existing song. This hymn is thus a reflection of an original song which has its origin in the historical events of 1639 and 1640: the War of the Catalans against King Philip IV, a war in which the peasants played a key role; the war was known as the “Reapers’ War”. The hymn has the characteristics of a passionate call in favour of the defence of the freedom of the Catalan soil.

Els Segadors was declared the Catalan national anthem by an Act of the Catalan Parliament dated 25 February 1993.

Special thanks to: Jaume Olle for providing some of this information.