Austria (1929-1938)


By 1929 Austria’s government had moved to closer ties with Germany. Therefore, it seemed natural to replace the unpopular anthem in use at the time with a new anthem, which had not only the same melody as that of Austria-Hungary (in use just 10 years previously), but also by then in use in Germany as well.) The lyrics were created by a German nationalist, poet and priest Ottokar Kernstock. The anthem words expressed the pro-German nationalist feelings and yearning of the Austrian society for union with Germany. These were in use until Austria became a part of Germany in 1938, where the lyrics were more than likely replaced with those in use in Germany (and already unofficially used in Austria by those who favoured union with Germany).

Special thanks to: Pavel Zinovatny for some of this information as well as the lyrics and to Klaus Caussmacher for the sheet music.